Float Pod®

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Smart Technology

As the industry's first Smart Float Tank, the Float Pod®Pro series sets the standard for smart, technologically advanced floatation therapy solutions. This leadership position signifies: Innovation: The Float Pod® Pro series pioneers the integration of cutting-edge technology (Float PodOS®) into floatation therapy, showcasing a commitment to continuous innovation.

Float Pod®

Engineered for perfection, Float Pod Pro offers an advanced sensory experience, elevated by the precision and personalization made possible through our proprietary technology. Experience floating like never before; experience Float Pod Pro.

Float Pool

Float Pool Pro redefines immersive relaxation. Drawing upon the strength of our exclusive Float PodOS with Rest RTM technology, it offers an expansive floating environment tailored to your needs.

Float Filter System

Enhance your floating setup with the Float Filter System Pro - an avant-garde, free-standing filtration system. Seamlessly integrating with Float PodOS and R.E.S.T. Monitoring.

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