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Experience Ultimate Relaxation with the Float Pod® Pro - Powered by Float PodOS!


Experience ultimate relaxation with our revolutionary Float Pod® Pool and Float Filter Systems. Immerse yourself in the exceptional FloatOS, a technological wonder that takes your relaxation sessions to new heights. Enjoy complete control over your environment, from ambient lighting to audio settings, for a seamless, personalized float therapy experience. Welcome to a new level of relaxation, where your every desire is our command.

Float Pod® Pro


Float Pod

Engineered for perfection, Float Pod Pro offers an advanced sensory experience, elevated by the precision and personalization made possible through our proprietary technology. Experience floating like never before; experience Float Pod Pro.


Float Pool

Float Pool Pro redefines immersive relaxation. Drawing upon the strength of our exclusive Float PodOS with Rest RTM technology, it offers an expansive floating environment tailored to your needs.


Float Filter System

Enhance your floating setup with the Float Filter System Pro - an avant-garde, free-standing filtration system. Seamlessly integrating with Float PodOS and R.E.S.T. Monitoring.



At the heart of our Float Pod® Pool and Float Filter Systems lies the FloatOS, an intuitive technological marvel designed to transform your relaxation sessions. With the Float PodOS, you're in complete control of your environment, from ambient lighting to audio settings, ensuring that your float therapy experience aligns perfectly with your preferences.

Pro Accessories

Every accessory we offer is more than just an addition; it's an experience, a testament to Float Pod's commitment to unparalleled innovation.


Temperature & Humidity

Rest Temp/Humidity Sensor: Optimize your environment with the Rest Temp/Humidity Sensor. Real-time data for temperature and humidity, ensuring comfortable living conditions.


Pro Security

Rest RTM Advanced technology ensures the safety of your loved ones and valuables.

FloatOS™ Features

Included with every Float Pod, Pool, or Filter System purchase.


OS Hub

Centralize and simplify with Pro Hub. A must-have for modern connectivity, ensuring all your devices work in harmony.


OS Switch / Relay

Gain control and efficiency with our Pro Switch/Relay. Designed to make device management effortless, ensuring seamless integration into any tech ecosystem.


OS Temperature Sensor

Stay informed with the Pro Sensor: Temp. Monitor ambient temperatures accurately and reliably for optimal environment management. (1/3)


OS Leak Sensor

Protect your investments with the Pro Sensor: Leak. Instant notifications at the slightest hint of a leak, giving you peace of mind. (2/3)


OS Vibe Sensor

Lid Pro Sensor: Monitor access with the Pro Sensor: Lid. Designed to alert you when lids or access points are opened or tampered with. (3/3)

OS Accessories


OS Indoor Security

Rest Security System Indoor: Fortify your home with our Rest Security System Indoor. Advanced technology ensures the safety of your loved ones and valuables.


OS Outdoor Security

Rest Security System Outdoor: Guard your premises with the Rest Security System Outdoor. Cutting-edge surveillance and alarms designed for optimal property protection.


OS Temperature & Humidity

Rest Temp/Humidity Sensor: Optimize your environment with the Rest Temp/Humidity Sensor. Real-time data for temperature and humidity, ensuring comfortable living conditions.


OS Leak Sensor

Rest Leak Sensor: Stay a step ahead of potential issues with the Rest Leak Sensor. Designed for early detection of leaks, ensuring a safe and dry environment.


OS Rest Guide

Rest Guide: Discover the secrets to ultimate relaxation with our Rest Guide. Expert tips and strategies for optimal rest and rejuvenation.


OS Door Sensor

Rest Door Sensor: Secure your peace of mind with the Rest Door Sensor. Get instant notifications for any unauthorized access or open doors.

Unlock the True Power of Rest

Why Choose Float Pod Plus Spa?

Holistic Approach: Every element at Rest Retreat has been thoughtfully designed to provide a holistic experience. From ambient surroundings to guided sessions, we cover every facet of rest.

Expertise at Every Turn: Our team comprises skilled practitioners and wellness experts who bring decades of experience, ensuring you're in the most capable hands.

Tailored Experiences: Whether you’re looking for a short escape or an extended stay, our range of packages can be customized to your relaxation needs.

At Float Pod + Spa, we believe in the transformative power of relaxation. In today’s fast-paced world, finding a moment of calm can often feel like a distant dream. That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate sanctuary for mind, body, and soul.


AIR: Formula $59 (FREE)

✨ Float Pod® Formula:

(One-Time/ included with Air enrollment - COMPLETELY FREE) ✨ Discover the art of perfect relaxation with Float Formula! Immerse yourself in weightless serenity and find your inner balance. Included as a complimentary benefit with your Air Membership enrollment, Float Formula ensures you have all the tools you need to take your relaxation journey to the next level.


Pro: Pro Protocol $499

📖 Float Pod® Pro Protocol

(One-Time) 📖 Customized Operations Manual for All Operations of luxury Float Spa Location. This one-time purchase provides you with a comprehensive guide to seamlessly manage your Float Spa.


Pro+ : Pro Playbook $997

📈 Float Pod® Pro Playbook

(One-Time) 📈 Customized Business Plan for Float Spa Business covering ROI while operating a facility. Gain the insights and strategies you need to maximize your success.

Mission Statement:

Provide Relevant & Compelling Solutions Clients can only get from Float Pod®.

-Cawthon Brown (CEO)

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